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Finishing up

On Friday, we gave a performance at the beautiful Hale Koa hotel. For years, this is the place where our soldiers come back and rest from overseas, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. They meet their families here and it’s usually the first place they come to back in the States.

Again, General Cockett gave us a wonderful introduction with some nice acclamations. Despite being outside in a courtyard, under a cool tree, with the construction going all around us, it did feel like there was extra effort to sing out and beyond. I don’t know about anyone else, but I was hoping some ears out there were those that we were paying tribute to with the Navy Hymn, Battle Hymn, and all the patriotic literature.

Then we headed a few blocks away to the Royal Hawaiian shopping center. Right there by the main street in the middle of this gigantic, upscale outdoor mall, we sang and shared testimonies. Of course, Jonté decided to conduct the first number. It was alright… he done good.

Afterwards, I got to meet a really cool couple that was watching us with their adorable kids! They are APU alumni, and he’s actually in the military and stationed on the island! I also found out they graduated with Jeff and Clara of Marmac Theater and who also teach drama at my high school. Anyway, shout out to our new acquaintances, Graham and Diana, and thanks for coming to the last few days of our performances!

I dare to say our biggest crowd came next at the Ala Moana Shopping Center. They have a center stage where they often have local performers and high school share music and dance of some sort.

Something like three of four levels high with a food court nearby, I’d say it was pretty fun to sing to this crowd of all kinds of people! A couple teenagers saw us all clustered together in our outfits and threw out a “hey, looking good you guys!” to which I responded with an ecstatic, “Hey thanks!” Pretty sure the blip of sarcasm registered a little too late for me. Whoops. Regardless, I saw that group of teenagers standing and listening to us for most of the performance while we were on stage. Sweet.

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