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Dessert Run!

On our last night in Brazil, we met up with some of the older students we’ve worked with,… Paulo, Isac and Raphael (they’re still sixteen-year-olds nonetheless…). We had a wonderful time with them, grabbing some ice cream, walking around town and then going back to the house for some of the morning’s lasagna, cake, and guarana.

Funny thing: the last few nights, the students kept yelling at me at the end of each class if I had “orkootch, orkootch!” to which I responded, “What?! Is that… a food? Do I like to eat it? Where? I haven’t been there before!” Well, Paulo, who knew fairly good English said it again tonight, and I asked him to spell it. O-R-K-U-T…. ahh!!! (In Portuguese, T’s are pronouched CH. Lost in translation I suppose.) It all made sense. This was their most commonly used version of MySpace, Facebook, Friendster. So now we have a way to keep in touch, which they were incredibly excited about.

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Bug bites, Churrascaria, and guitars

So, is anyone out there an expert at bug bites? I’ve been attacked the last couple of nights, and I don’t know if these are ant/spider/mosquito bites or what! Thank goodness for Jeff and his triple-antibiotic cream. The house we’re staying in is beautiful, and the grounds are large. But the backyard is pretty jungle-y and well… there will be insects. I decided one late night to scour the kitchen for some snacks. As I turned on the light, I saw a little black dot, just quick enough, run behind the toaster. Hmm… Jeff came in and I mentioned it to him. Not believing me, he tapped the toaster a couple times and out ran our little friend… la cucaracha! Wait, Portuguese, my bad: barata! We both took a corner of the kitchen as the thing went crazy on the floor… but for my poor unfortunate soul, the thing kind of cornered me. I’m don’t do very well with all things six-legged and more. Anyways, we got the little, medium-sized bugger…

Their trash cans were awesome.We got to visit a sports club with Ingrid’s grandparents and took some wild photos at the place… it’s a one-stop shop thing for the whole family! Leave the kids with grandma at the sandbox and water slides, mom’s going to the gym, dad’s heading for the tennis courts, etc… between sips of the fresh coconut and riding the horses in the sandbox, we got our exercise for the day, only to get negated by our meal that evening…

Undoubtedly, one of the highlight of the trip for most people visiting Brazil, will be a visit to a Churrascaria… pronounced: steak-house-buffet-meat-market-on-your-plate-on-steroids. There are a few places in the states that do this well, but they’re pretty pricey. Fact is… these servers with the meat come around to each table and ask you, ‘yes or no’. And they won’t stop coming. They’ll just keep offering all these meats to you. Until you flip your card to the red side that says ‘No, Thank You.’ If that isn’t awesome

This one says steakface.

Many thanks to the wonderful friends we made who brought us out for dinner and ice cream… OOH! Yes… the ice cream shop we went to? Yea… buffet. Everything here feels like a buffet. You simply take a cup, scoop whatever you want in it, take whatever toppings you feel like, and weigh it. Then pay. Why aren’t we doing this…?! Eh, probably wouldn’t be a good thing. I better get back to training and running again. Sigh.

Anyway, here’s a little bit of us at the mall, when Jeff tried to find some souvenirs. In Uberlandia, they don’t quite have the tourist population. That would be Rio… It’s like trying to find a souvenir in… Three Hills, Alberta rather than Vancouver. Ok not that bad, but… you know. Enjoy Karen’s said skills on improvising as well!

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