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Day 4-5: Napa!

Last night’s home stay provided for a lot of strawberries. It was great. Some for the ice cream, some after the cookies, some for breakfast and the cookie crisps, some for the road! Really, it was great though. I stayed with Eric, and I think he really enjoyed it…

Today’s festivities included singing for several choirs at Napa Valley High School. Their chamber choir blew us away quite immediately! We, in turn sang for them and invited them to our evening concert… but not for nothing: extra credit was in place for this one! This was the high school of one of our guys, Kyle, so naturally, he was the celeb for all these choir students. As we were having lunch at the tables, for some of us, it kind of brought back some fond memories. Maybe some not-so-fond ones too. Just looking around, there’s such a divide among the social groups. Yikes. Sure, college brings plenty of divide, but it’s more accepted when one is, let’s say… diverse (in appearance, thought, or anything in between nowadays).

One of the big things continually brought up is… riser etiquette. Let’s be completely honest. There is a core to the problems that arise… I find that it’s a pretty simple concept. How about some R-E-S-P-E….. yea, you know. Add a dash of discipline. Ask me about it sometime. All that to say, it took a few reminders, but the concert in Napa tonight was just splendid. I mean, it was hardcore-eyes-glued-not-an-itch-spot-on stuff.

Just to also fill you in, there has been a lot of prayer for issues within this community of ours. Please keep us in your prayers. Families of our guys that need prayer with health and such, as well as some of the chorale members. It’s been an important year to see the power of prayer, and it’s only going to be more so in the midst of this tour.

Onto the home stay. Quite incredible. Like, guesthouse incredible. Throw in the fresh-baked cookies, milk, Laker’s game on a plasma good. These folk were also the parents of Michael and Jessie’s home stay parents, and that couple had a high school daughter. It was 3-generations of kind hospitality. Guest houses rock.

On our way back between Napa and L.A., we were treated to an In-N-Out lunch. Sure, we called ahead. Sure, we put it all on one bill. Sure, we were all patient, hungry, but patient. But nothing beats this picture still.

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