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Food Review: Get your chicken on?

It was supposed to be an innocent stop on the motor way from Normandy back into Paris, right? Right. This glorified AM PM, served up a good deal of brasserie-style foods and snacks for the liking. Picked up my ham, smoked ham, cheese, and salami on-a-baguette sandwich, snagged an extra large bottle of water, and then my hands were led onto a nearby shelf, chock-full of bags of Lays’ potato chips. Or po-tah-to. Whatever.

What distinguished these chips however, was the fact that I would likely never see them again. Roast Chicken & Thyme flavored potato chips? Was that just plain wrong, or just plain well-intentioned-over-indulgence by the creators? You decide.

This ‘characterful’ choice of flavor infusion seemed a bit risky to me. What were they thinking? The Americans behind me saw the bewilderment, and the photo op. We had a good laugh. Bringing a culinary delight as its name implied to our favorite crisps was worth a try.

Upon the first taste, it became apparent that the chicken skin, juices, and marinades formed the outter layers of the crisp. After a bit of lingering, the spices kick in. This incongruency of taste gave an earthy progression and arch of flavors for the gamut of my tongue. I appreciated the effort on their behalf, however, after half a bag of saturation for my mouth, it became like most other vigorously over-flavored foods. I have to say it, but it tasted like chicken. Not in the best way either.

I give it 3 crumbs up and a crouton for the French effort. Vive le poulet!

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Dessert Run!

On our last night in Brazil, we met up with some of the older students we’ve worked with,… Paulo, Isac and Raphael (they’re still sixteen-year-olds nonetheless…). We had a wonderful time with them, grabbing some ice cream, walking around town and then going back to the house for some of the morning’s lasagna, cake, and guarana.

Funny thing: the last few nights, the students kept yelling at me at the end of each class if I had “orkootch, orkootch!” to which I responded, “What?! Is that… a food? Do I like to eat it? Where? I haven’t been there before!” Well, Paulo, who knew fairly good English said it again tonight, and I asked him to spell it. O-R-K-U-T…. ahh!!! (In Portuguese, T’s are pronouched CH. Lost in translation I suppose.) It all made sense. This was their most commonly used version of MySpace, Facebook, Friendster. So now we have a way to keep in touch, which they were incredibly excited about.

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Travel tips learned

End of our trip. Here’s what we learned. Take and use as needed.

Concerning Roads…

  1. The streets are beautifully decorated with yellow dashes and white stripes. It is important to remember that these lines are purely decorative. Form over function.
  2. When crossing the street, you are wroth about as much as that plastic bag that just rolled under the tires of the last car.
  3. We’re under the impression that Pare means “yield”.
  4. If road rage happens upon you, as a motorcyclist, a viable option is to kick the car beside you. Make sure to dent it.

Concerning Food…

  1. The cashew fruit is a treat. With the sweetness of a mango, the bitterness of a rubber balloon, and the texture of a clam. It is a treat.
  2. Hopefully lunch was enjoyable, because it’ll be back for dinner.
  3. Chocolate-frosted carrot cake is an acceptable form of nutrition as or after any meal (including breakfast).

Thanks Karen and Ingrid.

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