About Me

Alex Wen

Growing up in sunny Southern California, Alex started not-so-young as a violinist. Now a senior at Azusa Pacific University, he studies at the School of Music as a viola performance major.

Among the opportunities that music has presented him, Alex has traveled and performed with violists in Colorado, chamber musicians in France, and APU’s chamber choir and orchestra group in Italy.

An avid enthusiast of chamber music, he is a part of a string quartet. Outside of his instrumental studies, APU’s Men’s Chorale has been a big part of his years at the University as well as his verve for conducting, having led the APU Wind Ensemble in two performances now.

This travel blog is here to share some of the opportunities and joys of traveling and making music. It also serves to follow this journey of discovering the nuances and work put into the dynamics of collaborating with others in this world of music!

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