Some gloom in ol’ Paris

Remember Air India??? Yikes. If you ever can opt for a cheaper planet ticket, I don’t know. Work hard or something, but pay that extra $200 for the other airline. I’m not sure what went wrong but, the flight had lost all its normal meals… with fish. All vegetarian. The snacks? A bit spicy. I also don’t think there’s any restrictions with foods with peanuts in India or Hinduism is there? We had to throw out a lot of chocolates with nuts in them. Sad. Don’t even get me started on someone on the staff.

Fun part for me was that I sat next to two kids whose parents had a seating problem and were bumped into first class (boo). Hanush and Keshav were in 5th and 8th grade, studied at an English school in India, and have probably traveled to as many places as I have! We had a wonderful conversation about what we each were reading, what I did, and other delightful subjects. Went through the whole thing, you know,… viola, music student, summer travels, reading Alex RossThe Rest Is Noise (It’s fantastic, thanks Jameson!). He asked me if I was Christian. I’m still not sure what might’ve made him ask. Anywho, we found out a little more of each other as this inquisitive little junior higher got more interested in what I did. Much fun was had.

So Paris is set for rain for most of the week. I think we’re planning a trip into London for a few days after the wedding on the 7th… I’m excited for that. I can speak that language. I’m not too bad at picking up the language wherever I go luckily.

I can never really understand the romanticism associated with Paris anymore. Let’s say that it’s changed… since, say… 1934. Even my family, whom all lived here in the 80’s, has said it’s nothing like the nice Paris they knew. I believe it. There’s rather less ethnically French people here than one would expect to see. Oh yes, the European Union certainly has opened everything everywhere for everyone. Dabble on the less-careful and biased side of things, Mark Steyn’s book unapologetically has his own theories.

Of course, it’s nice to spend time with the fam here. Almost a mini-reunion, where practically all of us actually live in the States though. Peculiar. Other than that though, possibly the highlight of my week here? I didn’t even thinkabout it but my trip has unintentionally coincided with Roland-friggin- Garros! That’s right. I’m taking the metro. Line 9. To the French Open tennis grand slam! I’ll take that over EuroDisney, thanks. (Sorry, no pics on this post, I’m on a family computer)

To end with, if you’re in the APU community, you will know. I want to extend my deepest condolences after hearing news from APU of a tragic accident in the community. I was floored to hear what happened, and to that family, my greatest sympathy. It hurt hearing the news, especially knowing the older siblings of the person. God will certainly be with them.



  1. Jessie Bullock said

    Dude!! You better put up pics of the French Open or I will murder your _____ off…

  2. Jessie Bullock said

    Check out

  3. Alex W. said

    Thanks for sharing the Celebration! blog… by the way, I couldn’t get into Roland Garros today, got there too late. Tomorrow I’ll be trying again… leaving at 7 am… gaahhh oh well…

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