How much flying?

So between Uberlandia and Los Angeles, we traveled through 4 airports, 3 planes, 2 layovers, and total flight time of 14-15 hours, and airport downtime of 13 hours, and… then add to that my next flight to Paris (LA-New York-Paris). Within… three days. Yes. What day are we on? Nevermind.

One of the layovers was in São Paulo, where we went from one city airport to another before going to Dallas. 12 hours to do nothing. So we purchased some internet time and Jeff would agree: power outlet plus WiFi internet equals good safe fun for hours.

Interestingly enough, upon landing in São Paulo, our plane took the usual descent towards the airport runway, and as we neared the runway, reaching a matter of hundreds of feet over medium sized apartment complexes, I was jolted wide awake by the plane’s next move!!! Literally at the point of seeing apartment windows, the plane pushed harder ahead and we were taking off again! Midair! Ok, swallow, calm your stomach a bit, it’s fine. They know what they’re doing. We ended up circling around the city for a while. I’m not sure how they were just about to land and had decided there was no room, so we got bumped to taxi in the sky. Yikes.

Home for Friday, leaving Saturday morning, don’t know if I’ll have much connectivity over in Paris but we’ll see!

UPDATE 5/31/08 – 7:15 pm

I’m now boarding my flight headed for Paris (nonstop from LAX to Germany first). Whoever planned this trip got us cheaper flights, but it’s on Air India. The only thing I’m honestly nervous about (1) the food and (2) the entertainment. Plus, the weather will be nice, cold and rainy. How about that – sunny Hawaii to moderate winter in Brazil, then to rainy summer in Paris.

See you over at GMT +1!



  1. chilebob said

    I wanna be in Paris…

  2. Alex W. said

    Me too… sigh… oh, wait…

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