Dessert Run!

On our last night in Brazil, we met up with some of the older students we’ve worked with,… Paulo, Isac and Raphael (they’re still sixteen-year-olds nonetheless…). We had a wonderful time with them, grabbing some ice cream, walking around town and then going back to the house for some of the morning’s lasagna, cake, and guarana.

Funny thing: the last few nights, the students kept yelling at me at the end of each class if I had “orkootch, orkootch!” to which I responded, “What?! Is that… a food? Do I like to eat it? Where? I haven’t been there before!” Well, Paulo, who knew fairly good English said it again tonight, and I asked him to spell it. O-R-K-U-T…. ahh!!! (In Portuguese, T’s are pronouched CH. Lost in translation I suppose.) It all made sense. This was their most commonly used version of MySpace, Facebook, Friendster. So now we have a way to keep in touch, which they were incredibly excited about.


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  1. the mega utlra translator babe said

    shiiiit music… (squating down…) shiiiiit music?

    this is hilarious. I’m so happy you got this on film!

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