Travel tips learned

End of our trip. Here’s what we learned. Take and use as needed.

Concerning Roads…

  1. The streets are beautifully decorated with yellow dashes and white stripes. It is important to remember that these lines are purely decorative. Form over function.
  2. When crossing the street, you are wroth about as much as that plastic bag that just rolled under the tires of the last car.
  3. We’re under the impression that Pare means “yield”.
  4. If road rage happens upon you, as a motorcyclist, a viable option is to kick the car beside you. Make sure to dent it.

Concerning Food…

  1. The cashew fruit is a treat. With the sweetness of a mango, the bitterness of a rubber balloon, and the texture of a clam. It is a treat.
  2. Hopefully lunch was enjoyable, because it’ll be back for dinner.
  3. Chocolate-frosted carrot cake is an acceptable form of nutrition as or after any meal (including breakfast).

Thanks Karen and Ingrid.



  1. chilebob said

    did you guys ever have any of the bananas topped with melted cheese? i’ve had that before, and as interesting as it was, i ended up liking it.

  2. Alex W. said

    No we didn’t… I’m always up for trying new things!

  3. the mega utlra translator babe said

    I think banana pizza had some bananas with melted cheese on top… but i could be mistaken.

  4. Alex W. said

    I wanted the chocolate pizza, but this was great too!

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