We’re doing what?!

Ah, Brazil. Where the people are spicier than most of their food. We were met by a nice warm and muggy breeze Wednesday afternoon as we touched down in our final destination, Uberlandia, Brazil. First, let me introduce you (we’re all APUers) to the quartet:

Violin I – Ingrid

A junior at APU, she hails from Porto Alegre, Brazil. When bored, Ingrid enjoys smuggling knitting needles through airport security, and has been known to practice her Mandarin on unsuspecting Asians. Hmm… She wishes to pursue a life of religious fulfillment and practicing.

Violin II – Jeff

Aspiring composer and pyromaniac, Jeff, from Reedley, CA, enters his senior year. He enjoys making YouTube videos that feature a retarded overdubbing of Gandalf and Bilbo, and once in a while, picks up the fiddle between readings of L’Engle and Lewis to grace his quartet with fresh beats, sometimes fresh beets.

Cello – Karen

Usually mistaken for a good Swede, she is also a senior, majoring in cello performance. She continues her summer tour with a small group as Keyboard II, Tambourine, and also Cello. Watch out for her deadly dance moves and improvisatory skills on el guitar-o.

And of course, yours truly on Viola. So we’re here thanks to Ingrid’s connections. Since she’s from Brazil, her grandmother was extraordinary and paramount to us coming here. Through the music association of the state that she leads, they were able to pay our trip here have us do performances, classes, and recitals. Beyond that, she has graciously opened her home for our duration here and have prepared for us fantastic meals since the beginning!

We arrived at the house just in time to find out that we… well… had a television interview the next day, a newspaper and photographer the morning after that, and on Saturday, our first event: visiting a school and playing for them, then a full program recital in the evening. Whoa. Ok… Hair. Check. Teeth. Check. Nice Shirt. Check…and… oh right. The viola. Check.

With the change in humidity and climate down here, we need to be careful for our instruments. We already have a unfortunate fingerboard come detached, and we’re working on finding a decent cello to use in performance.

Our rep will include:

  • Dvorak Quartet in F, op. 96 “American”
  • Schubert Quartet in d minor, “Death and the Maiden”
  • We brought some Mozart and Beethoven quartets as well
  • If we can find a djembe player, then a contemporary quintet: “Strange Humors” by John Mackey


  1. Jeff's Mom said

    Thank you Alex (Again) for keeping us updated on Jeff and all of you!! Good Job!

  2. Alex W. said

    My pleasure! It’s really great for me to hear this blog is finding its use, even prior to this trip (I’m not in UCO, but for our Men’s Chorale tour as you can see, family and friends of the guys checked this site!). Please feel free to share it with others and enjoy… videos are coming soon 🙂

  3. chilebob said

    This time I’m actually being serious with my comment…

    I think it’s great that you guys are being able to go international with your quartet. You guys all make me very proud. And now that you’re becoming famous and all…I can say brag about you and say that we’re friends. 🙂

  4. Alex W. said

    Thanks Pauline! But wow, what can I say… getting a chance to teach younger kids and introduce them to a side of music that’s new to them; using this to push ourselves for with more performance opportunities; learning to work and rehearse on our own… that’ll be the great part. But hey, we’re still friends 🙂

  5. Jessie Bullock said

    Sounds like you guys will be more busy than we were in HI. You guys are the… um… well, you know what word goes there. Keep posting! I love this stuff!

  6. Alex W. said

    Oh, Hawaii was pretty busy, I’m not gonna deny that…

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