North Shore!

Before our run of performances for Sunday, we had a last squeeze of free time let on the island. The whole group took a trip to the north shore of Oahu and spent the rest of the day there. First stop: Waimea Bay Beach Park. Simply incredible!!!

Thanks to the Beck and Peck family, we had snorkeling gear and boogie boards to play with. This could be a dangerous beach, with the waves breaking pretty high right on the beach, but nobody got hurt.

Jeremy was able to catch some incredible photos of the waves in action… and everyone getting swallowed by them! I mean, you can just see the terror in people! And nobody beats Eric, not in this case!

The rest of the night, we went a bit down the coast to the home where the Beck family was in and had a delicious backyard dinner. Backyard meaning Banzai Pipeline beach… 😉

Now this is where the waves can be deadly. They hold the biggest competitions on this beach and the waves get high up. But we couldn’t ask for more: enjoying our last couple days on the island with the sunset and a warm breeze while the moon came up. Be sure to check out some of the photos from this!

As with Men’s Chorale tradition each year on tour, we take time right before the last concert, and as much time as is needed, to have an open time of thanks, comments, encouragements, whatever else you want to call it. Never is it more an emotional time for the graduating seniors, those leaving, those who have been it for a good amount of time. With this tour being different, we didn’t have our own final church concert to do this, so we settled for this ‘backyard’. There were jokes, thank you’s, cockroaches… wait, what?! Luckily, I didn’t encounter them, but one corner of the group get squirming in quick jolts. Think they found some friends crawling around them…

Many photos courtesy of Jeremy McDaniel. They’re awesome, thanks!!! See the rest on Flickr!


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