Here to there…

As I’m typing up this on my flight to Brazil, I couldn’t help but switch my iPod to the last Men’s Chorale album, Restoration. Sorry for the onslaught of the last few entries, but it was worth typing out.

We said our quick goodbyes and finished off tour as we all arrived at APU and then split, but I’ll definitely miss those not returning and those graduating. The legacy of this group is something special… I spoke about it at the group gathering on the North Shore, but those that have come through the Chorale owe it to each other and to the guys coming in year after year, to pass on what this group means to them. To pass on the brotherhood that is created with each new group that is formed year after year. To each person, it means something different, but I can tell you that there’s great significance.

Personally, I owe a big thank you to those that came before me. For the way they accepted people like myself, fostered a relationship that only a group of guys can experience, and really kept the leadership of this group going.

As I’m jumping to four different time zones within the span of two days,… (Honolulu, LA, Dallas, Sao Paulo), I’m laughing to myself at the two extremes I’m going between…

Singing. Side by side with 65 other men. Fettke, McKay, and Wilhousky. No rehearsals, Just stage to stage. Crazy roommates.

Viola. With my three colleagues in the quartet. Schubert, Dvorak, and Beethoven. Personal practice, rehearsals, teaching, performing. Own room.

Wow. If I come back a little out of sync, you’ll know why. It’s gonna be a fun one!


So this entry was obviously done earlier. Just wanted to let anyone out there know, you can feel free to post comments about anything; I’d love to see who’s out there also!



  1. Pauline said

    Look at me! I am commenting! go comment go. commenting on blogs is fun!

    lol. jk.

    I really do hope you guys are having fun in Brazil. I can’t wait to hear more stories about it. 🙂

  2. Alex W. said

    Oh the stories will come… right on here!

  3. Deborah said

    you really are going between polar extremes. hope adjusting is going well!

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