Here we go!!!

Hey all!

First off, happy Cinco de Mayo! Thanks for visiting. This blog will hopefully stay on track with where I am and what I get to do through this summer. It holds for me wonderful opportunities to travel and make music in a variety of exotic places. Among them:

  • String quartet trip to Brazil
    • Concerts and recitals in Uberlandia
    • Work with young musicians
  • Paris, France
    • OK, this one’s really just with my family for a wedding
  • Crested Butte, Colorado
    • Viola Workshop with Robert Becker
    • Chamber music with musicians from APU, Chapman, and more

So these are just some of the things planned. There’s more, but we’ll see how those come along later in the summer. There’s bound to be plentiful interesting happenings throughout these trips to recount for you all, but hope you enjoy!



  1. Matthew said

    Crested Butte? Ha ha…it’s like crusted butt…

  2. Alex W. said

    Nice. Thanks Matt. Your contribution is always valued. Not new, but valued. haha, we talked about ‘crusty butt’ a lot…

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